Dec 27, 2009

Six Tips To Stay Self-Motivated

The dictionary defines motivation as:to move, prompt, stimulate,
induce, activate, or arouse. In order to be self motivated, one
must have the ability to achieve the above actions by the use of
their own efforts.

Sure, we can acquire some levels of motivation by other means such
as listening to well known speakers at a seminar or attending your
rah- rah yearly convention. All of this is nice, but the truth is self-
motivation is the only motivation that really matters. It is the only
kind that makes a lasting difference.

Here are six tips to insure that you will keep yourself motivated.

1. Have- a- cause. A cause can be also known as your "WHY".
It has to be that something that really matters. It must be big enough
to inspire you indefinitely instead of just temporarily.

2. Dream -A-Big-Dream. Dreams are important and it's important to
dream. You will find it impossible to be motivated if you are not
clear on what you are aiming for.

3. Be Hungry. It is not enough to merely want something, you must
have a hunger for it. It can't be just a desire for something, your
motivation should be absolutely compelling enough that it will
overcome any obstacles that comes your way.

4. Run-Your-Own-Race. This simply means to stop comparing
yourself to others. We all learn and grow at different paces as well as
levels, comparing yourself to another will only create much frustration
and disappointment. So, move at your own pace.

5. Keep-Taking-Steps. Whenever you feel like giving up, take just
one more step. Never throw in the towel by giving up. Success is not
final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts the most.

6. Leave-The-Past-Behind. Let the past be the past. Don't dwell on
your past failures or successes. Let it all go and keep moving forward.
Finish each day by knowing you have done all that you could do in that

Applying these six tips can help you stay self-motivated. Remember,
the ONLY motivation that matters is self-motivation. It will lead you
to excellence and success. So know your cause, dream big, be hungry,
run your own race, keep taking steps and leave the past behind.

To your Success,

Rena Williams

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