Jan 3, 2010

Ways To Become A Better Person

It is now a brand new year. It's a time to
reflect on what prevented you from
achieving those goals set for last year
and start making your fresh list for this year.

As you study that path, let me offer a few
suggestions that will indeed help you to become a better
person in this year of 2010.

We've all been guilty at some point or another of living
our life merely for self gratification. As I have learned
that's not a smart purpose in life. Through lots of personal
development, I'm learning that the giving part in life is
by far more rewarding that the getting.

There is much truth to the saying "its better to give than
receive" and "the more you give the more you receive".

So in 2010 if we put more focus at being less selfish, we
will become a better person. Let us strive to...

* pay less attention to ourself and more attention to others

* focus on opportunities, not problems

* listen first, then talk later

* criticize only when criticism is helpful

* never speak badly about anyone

* never complain about anything

* perform an act of kindness each day

By doing this you will find that it will have a profound effect
on your happiness, peace of mind and your daily successes. You
will find that the more you do for others, the more seems to get
done for you. Being selflessness really does create a better you.

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Wishing you Infinite Abundance!

Rena Williams


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