Jan 24, 2010

Target Right People-For Right Success

If you are in Network marketing it is
important that you not set your
target on people who don't know
anything about MLM. If you do, you'll
spend your entire time trying to build
a dream for them. You will be trying to
convince them,to believe the way you
believe. Trying to change someone doesn't work.

That would be kind of like asking a
zebra to change his stripes. Good luck! Why try to change
someone. Look for the ones that already have an interest
in what you offer and talk to those people.

Otherwise, you'll spend all your time trying to motivate somebody.
Trying to get them to have a dream ... rather than building your
business. When you work with people who don't already
understand MLM, there's a good chance they'll head down the
road the wrong way. Often times they've heard bad things about
it and that's where their focus will be.

So, now you've spent ALL your time working at changing that person's
mind, what a waste of time! You need to only target people who
already has the dream. It will make your life will a lot easier.

To Your Success,

Rena Williams

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