May 3, 2009

Optimist Verses Pessimist

How do YOU view things in life? Do you see
yourself more of an optimist or pessimist?

Here are a few distinctive differences to compare
yourself to.


+ An optimist will see a setback that he has as a
temporary ordeal. He will view the event as not
having an impact on his future whatsoever.

- A pessimist will see the same ordeal as permanent.
He will accept it as his lot in life and will expect more
of the bad.

+ An optimist sees difficulties mainly as specific. If for
instance a business venture turns sour, it is just an
unfortunate business incident to him.

- However, the pessimist will see the same event as
pervasive. He would question the entire business, feel
helpless, and won't be able to correct the issue and
move forward.

+ An optimist sees events as external. In other words
when things go wrong, he will see the setback for what
it is. Only a force which he has NO control over. yet, its
something that can be overcome.

- The pessimist will take the same event personally. He
will see it as part of his own shortcoming.

So, which group do you fall in the most? Are you an
optimist or a pessimist?

To your success,


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