May 11, 2009

What Will You Leave Behind?

The Bible says a good man
leaves an inheritance for his
children's children. As I really
pondered those words I began
to dwell on the true meaning of
those words or what I felt to be
true. In all reality it is saying
"will you leave a legacy behind?"

We all are busy with our lives, working hard to create
an acceptable life for the present as well as the future.
Many have never stopped to ask themselves the question
of "why am I doing this?"

Could your reason be to feel good at this moment or does it
goes deeper than that? Our mentors tell us to help make
someone else life a litter easier. I believe they are right on track.
Because it is certainly true that the more people you help get
what they want, you undoubtebly get that which you want also.

Don't you think those people will remember the good you performed
in their lives? You have now become their hero. So, if you are living
this each day and teaching your children the same principles of having
a heart to help others and exhibit integrity, they will turn around and
teach this behavior to their own kids.

Therefore, you get the credit for starting a legacy and when you are
no longer here, many will remember how you so touched their lives.
Your name and actions will be forever remembered and spoken of
by the many people you helped along the way.

Hopefully, you have started to live a life of creating your legacy,
so that someday your name will be among dynamic legends.

To a life of honor, character, and friendship.


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