May 26, 2009

Learning From The Elderly

A lot can be learned from the elderly.
I'm siting here today in a nursing
home for the elderly, an am just
amazed at their incredible ability to imagine.

They seem to have a very unique ability to
create in their mind, the world in which
they wish to live. It's sort of like what we
did as kids until a grown-up told us to stop
dreaming, eh?

While watching these wonderful people talk to their imaginary
friends, I thought "how amazing!", the things they say, do and
believe seems so real to them. If one didn't know any better it
would be very easy to believe all that they were saying was true.

This could be a very important lesson, we all can learn from the
elderly and children. By letting ourselves dream again, we can
create those things we desire in the world.

When the Bible states to call those things that be not as though they
were, He was talking about imagination.

To creating your dreams,

big truths

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