May 18, 2009

The Best Policies

Each Saturday night we conduct a special training teleseminar
to educate network marketers on what is needed to become more
successful in their business.

We educate on an array of topics ranging from the personality
studies, teaching how to better communicate with those we come
into contact with. This includes identifying the personality
of family members too. (good stuff!)

Our training also consists of knowing the differences/benefits
in the many compensation plans, identifying the five elements
a company must possess before you can be a success in it, along
with learning what to look for in your company's policy and

We teach how to look for clues in a contract to see if they have
your best interest at heart. While, it is true that company owners
may change, the policies and procedures may change a bit from
time to time. The one thing that should never change is the owners
honesty and integrity.

Methods change but principles don't! Of all the contracts, policies
and procedures, honesty and integrity should always be at the top of
the list.

Have you been to mlmwatchdog lately? Give it a quick browse to
learn the latest on companies that failed the integrity test.

To your success,

Rena Williams

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Hi Rena! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)

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