May 10, 2009

Self Starters-Decision Maker

Self starter is another way of
saying decision maker. We
won't ever get one thing done
without first making a decision
to do it.

If you are waiting around until you feel "right"
about doing a certain thing, it may never happen.
A self starter or decision maker know that there
is never a "right" time to get started.

Too many people sit around waiting to be motivated.
Decision makers or self starters act on their goals
and the motivation to achieve those goals come as
they take action.

No amount of concentration, or wishful thinking will
get you into action. It's true, things in motion tend to
stay in motion, and things at rest remains at rest. The
more you think about becoming motivated, the better
your chances are that you won't be. Act with a sense of

Don't lose precious time waiting for it to be the
right time. Become a decision maker, become a
self starter.

To Your Success,


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