May 6, 2009

Give To Get!

Everyone will say that they would
like nothing more than to be
wealthy. Now, how many of
those everyone's are really
willing to do ALL that it will
take to get to that place called

Today, I will reveal the one small secret that
is often omitted from the plans to achieve wealth.
"You got to give" become a giver. You must offer
more in value than you are receiving from another

If many would just incorporate this one step into
their plan of action, they will find that the Universe
will gladly compensate them for their acts of kindness.

So, don't hesitate to be generous to those you come in
contact with on a daily basis. know that you don't lose
anything by giving, you actually gain a whole lot more.

Go out there and feel good about giving help to those in
need. Give your time to someone, or a smile to a stranger.
A kiss to a love one, or a dollar to the needy. You will be
rewarded. When giving you'll never fail to receive.

"Be generous with your colleagues and your competitors.
When people learn that they do well whenever they work
with you, they will be more willing to come to you with
Michael Masterson

Creating Abundance,


1 comment:

igvirene said...

You're exactly right. The best feeling is when we were able to help a stranger!