Dec 29, 2007

Who Needs Energy?

A whole crew of workers earning minimum
wage takes care of the lawns in our neighborhood.
Every day at lunch they go to the local convenience
store's parking lot, eat their sandwich they
prepared at home, and purchase a Red Bull
or Monster energy drink for $2 or $3.

They have a big thermos of cold water on their equipment trailer,
but they want that extra boost from an energy drink.
Crave Energy Drink to the rescue.

Because Crave Energy Drink comes in a convenient
"stick pack", all they have to do is to add water,
and they can have an energy drink any time during the day.
They won't be limited to visits to the convenience store.

And cost?

A two-serving "stick pack" of Crave Energy Drink is only
$1.50 retail - and that means each serving is only 75 cents!
And that's the retail price.

Just think of the savings if they purchased the Fast Start
Plus Pack! The cost is just a little over 50 cents.
Everyone likes bargains.

Especially when they see the Crave Energy Drink difference.
No jitters. No headaches. No let down. No nervousness.
Just pure energy!

Don't keep Crave Energy Drink a secret.
Grab your share of this huge hungry market, it can change your life!

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