Dec 25, 2007

More Personal Development

Dear Friend,
As an insider in the personal growth community
I get to see just about everything out there when
it comes to courses, programs, systems and techniques
for creating health, wealth, happiness and success--starting
from scratch.

And there IS a lot out there. Some of it excellent--
and some, well, you know how that goes.
But through my connections I've come across a
very powerful method for literally attracting
success like a magnet--and I wanted to share it
with you right away.

As a matter of fact, I'm sending you the same email
that Lisa Diane sent to her VIP members as she
released this ground breaking information.

Here's a copy of the actual email they received.
Now you can have the same inside access to this
incredible method.

Check it out now-- you'll thank me big time!
My Best,
Become A Money Magnet

Dear Friend,

There's one question I hear more than anything else.
No matter where I go, who I talk to or what topic we
start with, we always end up right here.

It's the most pressing issue on the minds of people today...
the #1 cause of stress, sickness, failed marriages, suicide
and poor self-esteem.

I'm talking about MONEY... or the LACK of Money!
Everywhere I go I get the same question,
"HOW can I break out of this financial bondage and finally
have the MONEY I want or need?"

I've spent the last decade working with Entrepreneurs
and small business owners showing them how build a
profitable business. And I've touched on the subject in
all of my personal growth and success programs.

But it wasn't until I received an email, backabout a
month ago, that I realized just how important this topic
really is. The email was from a man (who I'll call John).

He was pouring his heart out to me, sharing his most
intimatethoughts and feelings about his life.
The truth is, John had allow the lack of money to
literally destroy him, his marriage and his family.

He was lost, afraid and desperate.
He had read about me in a magazine. My story
(howI went from no money, $50K in credit card debt,
having my car repo'd and almost losing my home to
foreclosure to seeing my life turn around in less than
6 months... generating over $653,000 income,
buying my dream car in-cash and moving into a
beautiful new home on the water.

John wanted answers... solutions... a way out.
The truth is, I've received these kind of letters, emails
and phone calls for years... but something about John
really stuck with me. In that moment I knew I had to some
how find a way tohelp people (like John) finally break-free from
the barrier standing between them and their wealth.

You see, it's not about a "business opportunity, MLM or
get rich quick deal"... it's not aboutwinning the lottery
or any other game of"chance.

" Creating real wealth... the kind where you never again
worry about money again... only happens ONE way.

I'm really excited to write to you today,
because I'm ready to share the one proven method to
creating wealth and literally becoming a MONEY MAGNET with you.

Take a look at: Money Magnet

You'll find the solution you've been looking for!

To Your Unlimited Abundance,
Lisa Diane
Inspiration Point

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