Dec 17, 2007

Crave For The Holidays-Shipping Energy!

Crave Energy Drink Is Now Shipping!
This week Crave Energy Drink began arriving at the
homes of affiliate all over the country and they are amazed
at how awesome it is! The taste, the color and the energy even
surpasses the samples that made their way out into the field
during the last few months. As one affiliate puts it
“We are going to be rich”.

Creave Big Money!
Good Things Come In Green Packages!
The packaging is sure to attract new prospects everywhere
you go. The individual packets are perfect for handing out
as samples along with your business card. Everyone you see
is a prospect, because everyone could use a little extra energy.

Several affiliates commented on how the box seems to glow when
you open it with the neon green inside. It also makes a perfect
display box when you tear off the top. When you open the packet
the tear strip is effortless and forms a little funnel on one side so
that you can easily pour the powder into a bottle of water.

Have A Happy Holiday With Crave!

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