Dec 9, 2007

Introducing Crave Mania!

The Time Has Come! Introducing Crave Energy

Are All Energy Drinks made equal?
I think NOT! There are certainly enough out there
to choose from. Over 70 Million energy drinks are
purchased everyday.

Introducing...Crave Energy drink. The Only Energy
drink that doesn't makes you gain weight. As a
matter of fact it's the drink that burns fat.

Patented Technology! Hottest Energy Drink to hit market
since Red Bull (Except this time YOU can share in the big profits!)
Now you can make money everytime someone drinks a crave.
Crave will make the perfect gift for this holiday season.

• Developed by the original formulator of Red Bull.
• Longer Buzz. No Crash. No Headaches. No Jitters.
• Backed by full U.S Patent and (3) Patents-Pending.
• Received Official Government Certification from
"Glycemic Research Institute."
• Natural, low glycemic, so even safe for dieters and diabetics.
• Contains thermogenic technology -- it will burn fat.
• Fraction of the cost of leading Energy Drink brands.
• Cannot be copied due to non-reverse-engineerable
formula & strong Patent status.

Get Crave for the Holidays.

Happy Holidays! There's no better way to share the giving
spirit this Christmas season than to share Crave with
your friends and family. Plus, Crave packets are the
perfect size for sharing as samples!

Have your business cards ready, along with a
packet of Crave to share with everyone:
waiters, waitresses, beauticians, barbers, sales clerks,
letter carriers, the FedEx and UPS deliverer,
local shop owners, co-workers, and of course friends
and family. Crave Big Money Now.


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