Dec 26, 2007

How To Choose The Best

Energy Drinks

In the year 2005 there were only a few energy drinks to
choose from. Since then the market has blossomed into
now over a hundred different energy drinks for sale.

Who's drinking these energy drinks?
Well, over 70 million energy drinks are being purchased daily.
It was recorded last year that young adults and teens alone
spent 2.3 billion on these popular heavily caffeinated drinks.
The drinkers ages commonly range between 18-30.

What exactly is an energy drink? It can be categorized as
soft drinks that are particularly designed to provide energy.
Most are carbonated and contains high amounts of sugar as
well as caffeine. They also have a supply of vitamin B,
along with amino acids and herbal stimulants.
You will find these popular drinks stored in the cold section of
almost any convenience store, grocery stores, even bars making
it very easy for purchase.

What's the effects of energy drinks?
These drinks may supply the consumer with a measure of energy,
which varies according to the brand. There are also known side
effects that can result from most of these drinks.
The side effect are usually a crash from the high consumption of
sugar and caffeine. Other side effects may include headaches,
mood swings and trouble concentrating.

How do you choose? How can one select the best energy drink
when there are so many choices? To really make the right choice,
it would be wise to study the science behind each product.
Start by comparing the ingredients, particularly the measure of
caffeine and sugar. The level of energy it gives off could be
something else to consider along with the length of time of sustain

The packaging shouldn't be a major concern, only if you were
looking for convenience.Taste will most definitely be a higher
priority. All of the drinks comes either in the form of can or bottle.
The skinny bullet shape seems to be the most popular.
These two packaging were the only two available until
recently a new form and new energy drink was introduced.

How different is this new energy drink?
The new energy drink called Crave comes in powder form.
In stick pack such as the individual crystal light packs.
Each stick pack contains two servings.
Crave was developed or formulated by a doctor who happens
to be the original formulator of Red Bull. She has put some
impressive science into this new energy drink making it with
safer ingredients and very easy to use by just adding it to water.

The most amazing review are the ingredients that are being used
and the results they create. Made with natural sweeteners,
it is the only energy drink that won't cause aperson to gain weight.
In fact it actually burns fat!

Crave gives many many hours of sustain energy with
absolutely no crash, no jitters, no headaches and no side
effects. It is also natural low glycemic making it absolutely
safe for diabetics and dieters. More on glycemic can be
found by visiting one of the doctors websites.
Glycemic Testing. This drink comes with three patents,
the owner of this product is a reliable health and nutritional

Dr. Ann DeWees Allen is the formulator and has created quite a
remarkable product.The science behind Crave is incredible.
Her expertise in natural health is world renowned. Anyone who
decides to drink Crave would indeed be making a healthy choice
in energy drinks.

Although, very new to the market, Crave energy drinks are
making quite an impact around the world with those who are
truly cautious about their health. Energy drinkers of previous
brands are making the switch to Crave because they have
done their homework and now have clear knowledge of what's
good and what's bad out there in energy drinks. We are finding
nothing but satisfied energy drinkers with Crave Energy drink.

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