Dec 4, 2007

Ho! Ho! Ho! There’s no better way to share
the giving spirit this Christmas season than to
share Crave with your friends and family.

Plus, Crave packets are the perfect size for
sharing as samples! Have your business cards
ready, along with a packet of Crave to share with
everyone: waiters, waitresses, beauticians, barbers,
sales clerks, letter carriers, the FedEx and UPS deliverer,
local shop owners, co-workers, and of course friends and family.

The people that you see every week are the best prospects
for new Affiliates and customers.

Green Isn’t Just For The Grinch!
Crave Energy Drink has it's own distinct color that makes it unique.
One Affiliate called it "Neon Green." Just think how simple it will be
to bring up Crave and the amazing freedom found in the Vitamark
opportunity when someone asks you about your bright green drink.

Make it a Happy Holiday, order your Crave today!

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