Jul 7, 2010

Rate Yourself on Leadership

I recently listened to a CD that gave 12
attibutes of leadership. On this CD, it
was suggested that you rate yourself
and see how well you stack up as a leader.

To take the quiz you have to be totally
honest with yourself and give the correct
answers. So I Invite you to take this quiz
by rating yourself from 1-10, with 10-being
the highest and 1 being the lowest, even
a 5 which says you are somewhere in between the two.

Ready? Find out how you rate as a leader to lead an
organization according to this Mentor of 12 Attributes of Leadership:

1. Organized to the point of Routine in your network marketing business.

2. Willing to work hard.

3. You exercise self-discipline and group discipline.

4. Never use others for your own advancement.

5. As a leader you have total knowledge, and professional
understanding of the Network Marketing Industry. Meaning:
You know how to stay self-motivated, you know how to create/or use
persuasive sales tools, your ability to communicate, know how to
establish a 90-day run, build a downline, etc.

6. Your leadership style reflects your own personality. (In other words,
you are not trying to be someone else) or copying their every move.

7. Maintain a relaxed Mental attitude.

8. Doing what's right instead of what's comfortable.

9. Never compromise your downline values or your personal integrity.

10. You are teaching others constantly.

11.Show respect for upline, company leaders and owners and downline.

12. Respect Authority, It being just or unjust.
(You don't have to follow your upline or believe in them, but you must
respect them.)

Leadership is all about action, not position. It's not about title
it's what you do by your actions.

How well did you do?? Would you classify yourself as a leader?
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To your success,

Rena Williams

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