Jul 29, 2010

Watch What You Say!!

One of the saddest thing imaginable is the
thought of someone's hard earned business
success being destroyed because of carelessness.

How would you like to see a headline like
this about you and your company??

"A loved company in a downward spiral" or "OPRAH WINFREY SUES MONAVIE AND 456 VITAL HEALTH SYSTEMS"

I warn people all the time, to watch what they
are saying. This is real! There are guidelines
in network marketing that must be abide by or
you will certainly reap the consequences, not
to your liking. So Beware

My heart goes out to those that are victims or
have been victims of a business faltering because
of the misuse of words. The lesson to be learned
here is to be honest, yet don't make claims. Run
your life and business with the utmost integrity.

Read the entire story, so you and your team don't
fall victims to the misuse of words. Make sure you
avoid actions such as those in the article.

Watch what you say story.

To your success,

Rena Williams

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