May 28, 2010

Common Critical Mistakes of Entrepreneurs

When you first made a decision to start your own business,
or be your own boss did you think it was going to be a bed
of roses?

I'd like to congratulate you for taking a leap of faith by
taking the first step to acquiring your dreams. You are
already ahead of most people by merely making a decision.

Now that you are on the right track to creating a better life
for yourself, I encourage you to not make the critical mistakes
of most entrepreneurs.

It happens quite frequently; an excited entrepreneur starts a
business and immediately look for short cuts that will get
him on the fast track to success. Meanwhile, overlooking these
important steps:

1. No Plan or Business Model-Anytime you want to get from
where you are to where you want to be, there must be some
sort of plan. You need to know the answers to questions
such as: What's my best marketing method?, What steps will
I take? How do I plan to make my money?, and how will I follow up?

2. Not Investing in Yourself-Investing in your growth, knowledge
and skills is the single most important area of your business.
It gives you an incredible outcome if you invest time in training
to learn how to build your business. Get excited and attend the
seminars, conventions and workshops. Purchase the audios and tools.
Look at it as funding your dream.

3. Expecting To Do No Work-Many entrepreneurs expect the journey
to success to be smoothe sailing. They expect somehow to become
an overnight success without putting in the necessary work or hours.

Be realistic by knowing that you must put forth the effort. I'm not
saying to burn yourself out or suffer in a big way but do put forth
a good honest effort to take the necessary actions to reach your
goals. Visualization is nothing without taking the action steps to go with it.

These are a few of the most common mistakes made by up and rising
entrepreneurs all the time. There are no short cuts to success. Every
destination requires directions to get there. Remember, the external
always matches the internal beliefs. To ensure you will end up at your
chosen destination take the time, and the right steps to arrive
prosperous, happy and secure.

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To your success,

Rena Williams


Lynda Anne Cromar said...

Great post Rena! I love how you laided that out, even for the brand new business person!

Kenworth Peters said...

Wow Rena, you have never ceased to amaze me. There is so much that we do and expect that causes persons to fail. And you hit the nail directly on the head when you said, persons do not expect to work but instead think and expect success to happen overnight. This post has taught me some and for sure I'm looking forward to your next post. Cheers.

Believe You Can! said...

Rena, this is a wonderful concise article. Your outline of the key points to starting and running a business is excellent. Thank you for posting. Sandy Blomstrom

Chinna Liddell said...

Excellent points Rena! A business plan is a must! NetWORK marketing is work, you get what you give! It's not hard to do & it's not hard NOT to do it! It's all about planning & execution of your plan. Sometimes networkers get caught up on the bells & whistles of technology when the bottom line is you need communication skills, BELIEF in yourself & others, & a servants heart. Thanks for sharing!

Karen J. Miller said...

Hi Rena...
Loved your post! Three critical areas new entreprenuers need to pay attention to if they expect success to be a reality.
I especially agree with your point about no overnight success. Karen

Eduardo said...

I agree with Chinna about getting caught up on the bells & whistles of technology when the bottom line is you need communication skills, BELIEF in yourself & others, & a servants heart. I can understand that it is important to get out of the comfortable zone and do the work instead of getting lost on the bells & whistles. Thank you Rena (-:

Jennifer Buchanan said...

Hey Rena, another great post, you always find a way to add value, thanks so much for the information, this is good stuff, most people today will read this and take action, I love how you laid it all out there keep them coming.

Rena said...

Wow, thanks for all the awesome comments. If this post can shed light on just one person, it will have served it purpose. To your continuing success!