May 26, 2010

Are You Responding or Reacting?

I haven't given this much thought until recently.
I was part of a group discussion of a certain topic,
when someone posed this question to another participant,
"did you respond or react?".

I had to ask the question of..."Is there a difference
between the two?"

Well, according to my understanding of the meanings,
when you respond, you've thought it through, therefore
you are able to act in a positive and more mature fashion.

However, when you react, you are letting the situation or
circumstance get the best of you by controlling you.

The great Zig Ziglar in all his wisdom simply said, "to
respond is positive, to react is negative." Now with that
being said which do you feel you are doing the most of,
responding or reacting?

The outcome of a potential nasty situation such as an
argument can easily be disfused or greatly accelerated
depending upon your choice of either to respond or react.

If we learn how to respond to others rather than react,
this alone can make a huge difference in how successful
we become.

Learning to stay focus and being bigger than our challenges
by projecting more positive qualities than negative will
keep us on the right path to success.

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Caring for your success,

Rena Williams

1 comment:

Judith May said...

Great Post Rena! I agree that most people don't even take time to think before opening their mouths. Having a great coach to help one to learn this skills will help many from making a fool out of themselves.