Apr 19, 2010

Success, Most Ignored Action

There is something that is so necessary for success,
yet, it is the one action that is ignored the most by

Setting goals and being clear on what you want in
life is as important as having a blueprint for building
a house, or having the right directions for a road trip.

It's strange that the setting of goals the most ignored action.

If you intend to make more money, or take a luxurious
vacation or even change anything about your life, you
must have a plan. Remember, all things are possible and
your first step is change.

Change your vocabulary. Start with using the word dreams
instead of goals. Why dreams?

Everyone loves to dream and knowing you dream can help
you more easily design your destiny. It gives you somewhat
of a blueprint to follow your way to success. People tend to
get more excited about their dreams verses goals.

So get to dreaming, get into action, make your dreams your

Rena Williams

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