Mar 22, 2010

Break Free of Negative Thought Habits

Do you sometime find yourself living or re-living certain
circumstances in your life? Things you thought were settled
yet, they keep coming back again and again? Maybe it's time
to break free of those negative thought habits.

I've discovered through Law of Attraction study, that when
our beliefs are congruent, thought patterns and our expectations
will keep perpetrating the same circumstances.

The Law of Attraction is the fundamental creative law of the
Universe. So whatever frequencies or vibrations you are emitting
is constantly being matched with other frequencies that are the

So, when you feel the way you do about a situation and you don't
consciously change your thoughts that caused those feelings in the
first place, then you will continue to attract and experience those
same habit of thoughts.

Here is where most people miss it. They perpetrate their patterns of
belief through their observation of "What Is', what is happening.
When "What Is" surrounds them, they observe it, then they offer
more vibrations about it. So the Law of Attraction gives more of
"What Is"
, which they observe and offer a vibration, the Universe
gives more of it and on and on.

The problem becomes compound when you SAY,
"this is just the way it is"
in your life experiences. Which that may
or may not be true. But if you would keep in mind the "Just the
way it is"
is changeable. Not by observing the "Just the way it is"
but by changing your thought pattern.

Once you shift your vibrations and choose to look at things the way
you WANT them to be and get that good feeling, then things will
start to change. Things change because the way you FEEL is what
activates the Law of Attraction.

By keeping those good feelings instead of negative thoughts you will
soon break free of the negative patterns and start attracting more
of what you want. Breaking free of negative thought habits are just
that simple!

To your Success,

Rena Williams

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