Jun 12, 2009

Where's Your Support?

Where's your network marketing support?

Do you feel like you're all alone in your
MLM business with no support from your
spouse or kids?

Do they roll their eyes when you talk
about your goals and dreams?

Would they rather watch TV than help?

Do you have no one to share your ups
and downs with?

Do they say "I told you so - get a real job!"
every time you have a setback?

If this sounds like your home and you
can't figure it out, don't worry - you are
not alone!

Lack of support is one of the most common
and unnecessary factors for failure in our

Please join Bob and Anna Bassett this
Saturday night, June 13, at 8:55 pm as they
discuss this frustrating problem on a Live
Teleseminar sponsored by Mentoring For Free.

As usual, the call is generic with no companies
or products ever mentioned.

It is F.R.E.E to listen to the session LIVE,
but we only have a limited number of
spots on the conference bridge.

Just hit reply to this email
with "Family Support" in the subject line and
I'll send you the access information if you don't
have it already.

You can also phone me at the number below.

This is going to be packed out call!

Be sure to download the companion book:
It's free, it's generic, and you can share it with
your team.

All the best,

Rena Williams

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