Nov 7, 2006

Gloomy Days Or Depression

Wouldn't you agree that we all have days when we choose to just kick back and stay in our pajamas for nearly all day? Maybe it's raining and you are home with a stomach, backache, or maybe a headache. I call that a gloomy day!

So, what's depression? You know, I've come to realize that symptoms of auto immune diseases, such as Lupus, etc. and depression are very closely related. Some symptoms of lupus consists of sadness, low energy, feelings of hopelessness. So it is with depression the only difference being with lupus these signs are temporary.

When symptoms of the sort exists for more than two weeks we are clearly looking at a possible case of depression, which also carries signs of constant sadness, thoughts of death or suicide, trouble sleeping, low energy and the list goes on.

So, what can we do for depression you might ask? The first step toward relieving depression is of course to consult with your physician. With todays treatments more than likely a person will be offered a prescription for anti-depressants. There are also natural alternatives as well, which I myself prefer.

Alternatives that are tremendously helpful are natural supplements containing key ingredients Fucoidan and Russian Adaptagens. Learn more about these ingredients by clicking here. Depression can be overcome by simply taking more interest in our own health by choosing to challenge life and not just sit on the sidelines.

Start making a change by promoting wellness with the proper nutrition. No more processed foods, instead consume lots of organic fruits and vegtables with lots of pure water, and all natural supplements no fillers! Use your mind to think healthy thoughts of wellness. Don't let life have its way with you, instead have your way with life. No more gloomy days! Choose to be vibrant!

To your health, ( Rena)

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