Nov 25, 2006

Football Rivalry

It's always a good idea to add a little fun to your life
every now and then. Each year the weekend after
Thanksgiving is the last scheduled football game of the
college season.

Two Florida teams clash together each year at this time.
The Florida Gators from Gainesville, FL meets with The
Florida State Seminoles of Tallahassee and what a BIG
time in the city it is during this game.

There are parties everywhere, the streets are flooded with
traffic of people. In the beginning its a happy time for all.
Even with it being only a college game it also becomes very
sad for some because there is always a winner and always a
loser. Of course the best team always win and this year it's
The Florida GATORS! hip hip hurrayyy!

If you're a Seminole fan forgive me while I celebrate!

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