Nov 21, 2006

Attracting Prosperity

How's your thinking? What are your thoughts?
Are most of your thoughts based on money prosperity
such as seeing yourself with a new car, new house, money wealth, etc.,
or are your thoughts fear based? Always wondering where will
your next car payment money come from or the rent
payment and so on?

Generally, people without a lot of money are having fear based thoughts.
The smarter people, the ones who will soon have money,
think a lot of prosperity based thoughts. These are the people that
do the things that will attract prosperity into their lives.
They do the positive affirmations daily, and things like having their
picture taken with successful people or getting a picture of
themselves taken in their dream car. They dream big dreams.
By doing all these things the law of attraction is put into place.

How does the law of attraction work, you might ask?
I believe that no-one is quite sure of the how but
certain that it does work. Let's say you make a decision that you
really want to be more prosperous and you go so far as designing
yourself a dream board.

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