Jul 26, 2011


Tranquillity, now that's a word we don't hear often enough.
What does it actually mean? To me it simply means peace of
mind, a quietness within me.

The best description of tranquillity I've ever heard
was from a book given to me as a gift titled "The Power
of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale.

He spoke graciously about peace and went on to paint a
vivid word picture of one of his days in tranquility.
Here's the scene as he describes it from his hotel balcony
in Honolulu Hawaii.

"I'm looking into a garden filled with graceful palm trees,
swaying in the balmy breeze. The air is laden with the aroma
of exotic flowers. Hibiscus, of which on these islands there
are two thousand varieties, fill the garden. Outside my windows
are papaya trees laden with ripening fruit. The brilliant color
of the royal poinciana, the flame of the forest trees, adds to
the glamor of the scene and the acacia trees are hung heavily
with their exquisite white flowers.

The incredible blue ocean surrounding the islands stretches
away to the horizon. The white waves are surging in and
Hawaiians and fellow visitors are riding gracefully on surfboards
and outrigger canoes.

Altogether it is a scene of entrancing beauty. It has an
indescribably healing effect upon me as I sit here writing
about the power generated in a peaceful mind."

Wow! what a beautiful word picture. I've found myself
remembering this same scene whenever I relax and take
the time to quiet my mind.

The Universe offers up so many lovely creations that makes
it easy to reach a serene state of mind. Beauty is all around

I encourage you to take time each day to appreciate the beauty
of nature, our gifts from the Universe. Relax your mind, which
will ultimately rejuevenate your body. Be in a state of tranquillity.

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