Jul 31, 2011

A Lesson On Not Giving Up

"Never give up!" are those famous words
quoted by many encouraging mentors.
"It's always to soon to quit!" they
say. Keep on trying.

Ironically, those were the same words that
entered my mind as I struggled to get my
portable CD player to start playing again.

You see, recently I moved and unfortunately some things
still remain packed away in boxes. As I had the urge to
listen to a motivational CD while I was working in a
particular area of the house, I began searching for my
portable CD player. For this was the only way I could
hear the message while in that room.

Well, I unraveled different boxes in hope of locating it,
yet I kept coming up empty handed. Finally, after about a
good thirty minutes of looking I found it!

So eagered to hear the message, I knew the batteries must
be replaced. Got that done, put on my headset, then popped
in the disc, pushed play and all I got was a loud clicking

Needless to say frustration began to set in. My mind was
baffled because it played just perfect before the move.
I began to adjust this, that and the other. Still the
only sound was click, clack, click, click.

Feeling defeated, my mind said "well it's time to throw it
out and purchase a new one." Just hearing that, out of sheer
frustrating I forcefully wiggled this and jiggled that and
what do you know? the darn thing started to play just fine.

I burst out in laughter as I was reminded of those encouraging
words by those mentors. "never give up!, it's always to soon
to quit."

Let my little episode serve as a reminder to you whenever you
find yourself in those frustrating moments in life or business.
Don't give up and never quit because eventually things will

Much Success,

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