Feb 10, 2011

Abundant Life Means More Than Money

If you were to ask a group of
people. what does being rich
mean to them, most would
say "having lots of money."
Money alone is the focus
point of the majority when
speaking about riches. Yet,
money is only a portion of
the attributions that makes
up an abundant life of riches.

Og Mandino asks a heart wrenching question in his classic
book, "The Greatest Salesman in the World." The question
he proposed is "what dying man can purchase another
breath, though he'll be more than willing to give up all his
gold?" (Money)

That statement alone proves that having abundant life is so much
more than money. So, I will share with you, that when all are in
place, qualifies one to be labeled as having an abundance of life.
First is ...

Peace of Mind...Having peace of mind is having freedom from all
negative emotions, such as fear, anger, resentment, guilt, jealousy and hatred.

The Right Mental Attitude...You've heard it said many times,
"attitude is everything." The mind is the beginning of all riches.
Our state of mind is always in our own control. The right mental attitude is key.

Health...Good health is priceless! Our state of health affects the
mind as much as the body. A sound mind and sound body cannot
be separated. Without good health and energy, you got nothing.

Loving Relationship...Love is the essence and nature of life. It was
love which created the Universe. Our quality of life can be measured
by how many loving relationships we have entered into.

Financial Goals...Finally financial goals, which are not attained by
possessions alone, but also by the service we render.

Riches doesn't end with financial freedom. There are still a few more
qualities that helps to complete the balance. They are having
worthy goals and ideas
, the last is having a sense of fulfillment.

The greatest form of happiness comes from a hope of achievement.
People who have found their true self and talent, are the ones who
achieve their own high success. All of these attributes perfectly
balanced creates an abundant life of riches.

To your abundance!

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Harsh said...

Hey Rena i agree to your post...