Nov 9, 2010

There Is No Perfect Company!

How long have you been in search
for the perfect company? You know
the has EVERYTHING perfectly
in place. It has the best pay plan, the
right products with the right prices. It
even has the best trainers. The
company owners are family men and women.

These are the companies that attracts only
the right partners. ALL the distributors and upline get along
perfectly swell. Everything is always lovey-dovey and peaches and
cream. Are you looking for that company still? If you are...

I have got some good news and bad news. The good news is there are
a lot of good companies out there. The bad news is, you will never
find a company that is perfect and has the best of everything. Don't exist!!

I once heard a wise leader say "all companies are great, up until the
point where they add people." I must say that's a great statement.
The point is, if you have chosen network marketing as your avenue
to gain your financial freedom, you must choose one company that
you feel is the best fit for you and your needs.

Ask yourself, does this company supply the products of your interests?
Does the compensation plan satisfy you, what about the training the
company offers? How much do you know about the primary owners?,
Is the pay out period weekly or monthly? Once you establish a
satisfactory answer to each of these questions, It is then time to
make your decision to commit to the company and work steadily
at reaching your financial goals.

Anyone that jumps from company to company in search of the perfect
company soon realize that their moving from here to there is simply
a waste of precious time and lack of commitment. There is no
perfect companies.

I firmly believe all companies has some good within them. Our job as
network marketers is to choose one to commit to and do all that can
be done to make it work for us and to stop searching for a perfect company.

There is no perfect company. I can almost guarantee that when you
locate a company that has a lot of the elements you are looking for in
a company. It will also have either something missing or something
that you find dissatisfying. That's just the way it is.

People that try to work with more than one company in hopes of
finding the missing pieces are only doing themselves a huge
disservice. We hear about them all the time, you know multiple
streams of income. The problem with that is you lose focus on
what's really important. There's never enough time to allow
yourself to distribute enough focus and energy to be good at neither.

So, I would say to expend all of your time and energy on committing
to making one business successful first, then start on the other. The
bottom line is to focus and commit, to give up searching for the
perfect company. Plant good seeds where you are now.


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