Apr 8, 2008

When Will You See It?

I'll believe it when I see it or I'll see it when I believe it!
Which is the true statement?

Many people today live their entire lives on the basis of
"seeing is believing." That is to say, the only images they get
emotionally involved with are the ones they can discern with
their physical senses. But the individuals of real "vision,"
down through the ages, have always known the overriding
principle is, "what you see is what you get." Haven't you heard
that exact saying from your elders growing up in your childhood

Expressed somewhat differently, what this means is that the
images in people's minds, actually precede the concrete images,
which pervade our material world. Therefore, you should be aware
of the fact that the fascinating physical world we see before
us, with all of its conveniences for making our lives more
comfortable, has been built largely by image-makers - men and
women of vision who knew what they could do, and EXPECTED
everything else to "fall into place," regardless of what their
critics might say to the contrary.

If we take heed to these teachings from the experts of our
past, we can create the life of our dreams. Remember, you will
only receive what you truly expect, not what you only wish for.

So dream big and believe and expect and it shall surely be
created. You will see it when you believe it!

To Your Success!

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