Apr 27, 2008

Success, Mediocrity, Or Failure

What could be holding you back from having your business grow the way you want it to? Is it possible that you are bound with the Chains of Mediocrity? So many people are bound.

It is a sad fact that 95% of people living in the greatest F r e e Enterprise System the world has ever seen don't get the advantage of it. Many of the elder people all around tell me if they could live their lives over, they would take more chances and be more than they were.

So sad that 95% of people at age 65 are either dead or dead broke.
It's true! They've worked so hard all their lives and have little to
show for it. Why?

Because they've been bound with the Chains of Mediocrity and don't
even know it. Are you bound with the Chains of Mediocrity?

Did you know that your results in your business to date have little to
do with the time, energy and effort you have put into your business?
Huh? Are you surprised?

How could that be? It's because of...your programming!
Are You Programmed for Success ? or Mediocrity ? or Failure? If a person isn't programmed for success, they will self-destruct/ sabatoge themselves every time. I've seen it happen, just like I'm
sure you have in people who spend their hard earned money to get
started in this industry. And boy are they All Excited!

And they tell you how motivated they are then you call them to help
them get started, to set up a game plan with them. You really want
them to be successful, but... You can never reach them again. Alas!

They've gone into the dread---WPP----
(Witness Protection Program) Why? It's their Programming.
They don't see themselves as a person who is Worthy of success. Boy!

I've even seen this in people who got to a point of making a LOT of
money in our wonderful industry. They are headed to the top of the
company, then they knowingly self destruct and either fall down
below or quit altogether.

Don't let this happen to you get the proper training and skills that will
propel you upward to assure you reach long term success.
Get the right guidance now!


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