Jan 19, 2008

From Scarcity To Abundance

The principle of abundance is all about endlessness. The
Universe has no limits or boundaries therefore there is no end to what you can have in your life. The problem is so many of us grew up having and still do have a scarcity mentality. By this I mean we evaluate our lives in terms of what it lacks.

Whatever we focus our thoughts on will expand. If we dwell on
scarcity, we are putting energy into what we don’t have and that
becomes the experience of our lives “lack”. Even when you think
and say something as simple as “I don’t have enough of…or I
could be happier if…” which seems to be the belief of most
people. All these statements are from a belief system rooted in
scarcity thinking. I’m here to tell you that as long as you live
with a scarcity mentality, that’s what is going to be attracted
into your life.

The powerful truth is there is enough to go around for everyone.
The Universe is endless in its supply of money, wealth,
occupations, anything and everything. Once we truly know this,
we will definitely see it working for us in many, many ways.

So, how do we rid ourselves of scarcity mentality? The very
first step involves giving thanks and truly being grateful for
everything that you are and everything that you have. Appreciate
the miracle of life. Be grateful that you have a set of eyes,
feet, ears and the fact that you are blessed to be here on earth
yet another day.

When you begin to focus on being thankful for all you have, the
sun, air, water. Everything. When you see it as a gift from God
you will be using your thoughts to dwell on abundance instead of
scarcity. As you practice being grateful, expand that list to
include family and friends, clothes, food, money, possessions of
any sort. Every little thing that has come into your life be
thankful for it.

Once you have trained yourself to be thankful for everyone and
everything that comes your way, as well as being appreciative
for being here now, you are on your way toward eliminating a
scarcity mentality.

We act upon our thoughts and those thoughts become our daily
life experiences. So it would be wise to spend energy on
abundance thoughts rather than lack. Abundance is everywhere.
The only limits are those we encourage with our belief in those
particular limits.

We can have all the freedom and abundance that we choose,
because in actuality it is a choice. Boundaries and lines
restrict freedom. These boundaries are created by man. The
Universe simply flows, space goes on without being interrupted.
There is freedom to all that are not held captive by the
restrictions invented by man. Freedom is what abundance is all
about. Abundance for us only come about when our minds are
uncluttered by imagined limits. Learning to rid ourselves of
limiting beliefs will create an abundant world for ourselves.


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