Jan 16, 2008

100 Years Of Growing Rich

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In 1908 the world's most talked about success book was written.
here it is now 2008, 100 years later its still the most popular
success book.

Hill took up Carnegie's challenge... To interview the richest
people of America, and, in an inductive approach, discover and
present the philosophy of success.

The result of his research, over 500 interviews running over 25
years, culminated in the run-away best seller, Think and Grow
Rich by Napoleon Hill.

It's the book single-handedly credited with sparking off the
"self-development" movement. It is the largest selling success
book in history. It's got more millionaire testimonials behind
it than all other success books combined. And it is hailed as...

"The book that launched a million millionaires!"

Time reels by. Carnegie and Hill are now players of a former

Though much remains the same, much has changed... How could it
be otherwise?... Perhaps the basics, being of human nature,
don't change, but progress and advancement is innate in the
human evolutionary scheme. Is there any field of study or human
endeavor that has NOT progressed dramatically during the
intervening years?

Could the science of personal achievement be any different?

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