Feb 27, 2008

A Mental Cleanse Really Works

Wow, taking part in a mental cleanse really does
change things. Read what's happening for my friend
Larry, since he began his mental cleanse.

Chapter 9,,, PERSISTENCE

I have to begin this lesson by telling, or should I
say admitting to myself and my team that this lesson
has been an overwhelming challenge for me at times.

I have read this chapter over and over for the past
week. Highlighting the sentences and whole paragraphs
that caught my attention the first time, each time
after I highlighted what I missed the times before.

I have some points underlined and notes in the
margins. Each time I read it I found something
different that grabbed my attention and sometimes
even twisted my heart to the point I was angry
with myself for what I found while taking mental
inventory of myself and my life.

Each time I read this chapter I was ready to write
my lesson. I would get my notebook out, grab my pen
and the chapter which my notes and highlights were
in and I was stuck.

I had no idea what to put down into words, so I
took more notes from the chapter and previous notes
and wrote them in my notebook adding up to four pages

Today I got out of bed early as usual. I got through
my morning routine and came to my office in a hurry
and finished with my morning to-do list in record time,
just so I could start to write my lesson and get stuck

I spent a couple hours trying to reread the chapter
and go through notes in hopes it would just come to
me what I needed to say.

Finally after taking a good look at myself and saying
my hourly dose of Auto-Suggestion to clear my head
of negative thoughts, I knew exactly what to say.

You see, PERSISTENCE paid off here my friends. I
could have given up and quit trying at all nearly a week
ago. Two or three months ago that is exactly what I would
have done, but today I HAVE A BURNING DESIRE TO

I want to take control of what I was taught
I never could because I wasn't good enough.

Through the process of Auto-Suggestion and studying
the rest of the principles in this book with the co-
operation of this Master Mind Group, I have been
spending my time devoting myself to building my

These now BURNING DESIRES are the fuel that keeps
my PERSISTENCE barreling through all barriers,
where I would have stopped and turned back to
failure before.

It is exciting to know that I will soon reach my
Desires. As I build these desires along with my
persistence I am staying plugged in to the Master
Mind Group and studying the principles in each
chapter as we go. I am preparing my mind to
"attract" my strongest desires.

I surely hope that the realization and the unfamiliar
emotions I am experiencing have came through the words
I have put down here because this alone has been a
huge battle for me, a barrier I would have never be-
fore now been able to penetrate.

Thanks to my sponsor, Joseph Quinn, who never strayed
from his own PERSISTENCE when he called me all 10
times before I downloaded the ebook, and thanks
Michael and Linda for your PERSISTENCE in faith and
legendary leadership, and thanks to the whole team
for your never ending love and support.


Come be apart and get life changing results.
Mental Cleanse

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