Dec 6, 2006

Traits Of A 5 Pillars Company

These are the 5 things you should be searching for in
a good company.

As you evaluate opportunities, consider the 5 pillars
you need in place for massive success.

Pillar #1. Leadership

Every time we have ever seen a company or down-line explode
and go away, it does so because of the same 2 reasons: GREED
and EGO. True leaders are the Mentors with the servant's heart.
It's never about the money. No Money Focus = No Greed.
Build people and people will build the business.
People are people. They are not a number.
They have goals, dreams & desires. Network marketing is
not a sales business. Network marketing is a teaching
& mentoring business.

Pillar #2. Product.

In this industry if your product is not remarkable,
you are invisible. You need a product people will buy
even with no compensation plan. You need a system for
your people to retail product to the consumer.
Wal-Mart is the world's largest retail corporation.
How big would their parking lot need to be if they only sold to
their employees? In network marketing you have to retail to sponsor.

Pillar #3. Compensation.

You need a compensation plan that will work for the part-timer
as well as the full-timer who wants unlimited income.
35% of the population are nurturers.
They need a plan where they can help the most people,
putting people under people under people to nurture and
help those people. 15% of the population just want to have fun.
They need a plan that is fast-paced, exciting, with fast-start money.
35% of the population are detail-oriented numbers-crunchers.
They need to see unlimited income in the leadership position.
15% of the population is all about money.
They want to make more money than anybody else.
They want a copensation plan that realistically offers Unlimited Income.
They will leave you for more money.

Pillar #4.Timing.

When the timing is right, NON-network marketers will take
your product to the marketplace. Like the skyscraper,
the timing means NOW. Not 10 years earlier. Not 10 years later.
I'll take timing over hard work every time.
Millionaires have been made in this industry JUST because of
timing alone. Nothing else. So how can you gauge the timing?
It's not easy, but here are some tips: 1. You'll waste a lot of time,
money & energy getting in too early, because a large percentage
of these companies fail in the first year or two.
2. You'll waste a lot of time, money & energy
getting in too late. If the company is a household name
(Amway, Shaklee, Nuskin, Herbalife, etc.), its momentum growth period
occurred years ago. You're fighting a real uphill financial battle to start
new in companies like this. 3. You want to get in AFTER a company
has proven it has staying power (maybe 3-5 years), but BEFORE
its momentum growth period (in general, the time it takes a company
to go from $100,*000,000 to $500,*000,000 a year).
If you can find a company like this, and which also has the other
4 pillars in place, some fun work will give you the chance to ride
a momentum wave to wealth.

Pillar #5. A tested, proven, duplicatable system for success.

Everyone you sponsor and everyone they sponsor needs a step
by step system to get off to a fast start: on-line, off-line,
one on one, cold market, warm market, retailing, recruiting,
becoming a mentor to their personally sponsored people.
Don't join a group unless they have such a system in place.

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